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The Refunds Manager is here to assist you. We are here to help you get paid. With no set-up or monthly fees, and no long-term commitments you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Our professionals will find and locate your refunds, and when you get paid we earn a 25% commission of said refund. We only make money when you do!

Refunds manager?


There's no question that Amazon FBA can increase your sales. But with great reward comes great risk. The potential for increased sales comes hand in hand with the risk of losing control of your inventory. As a seller, Amazon FBA will increase your sales. But with great rewards comes great risk! Your increased sales enhances your risk for inventory loss. That's where the Refunds Manager can help!


Amazon's FBA reports are complicated and overwhelming. It'd take even the most efficient programmer hours to dig through all of that data. Why should it be so hard to track your inventory or orders? It shouldn't, and we can help!


We know that time is money, and have designed our system with you in mind. We've streamlined the entire process, making it easier and less time consuming for the seller. From viewing reports and opening cases to tracking and receiving your money, the Refunds Manager has got your back!

Our system

  • Returns: We reconcile every transaction on per item basis. We make sure that the number of received orders and return reimbursements match, protecting your bottom line.
  • Overages: We ensure that the customer is refunded exactly what they were initially charged.
  • Damages: We look for items that were damaged by the inbound shipper (even older than 30 days).
  • Replacements: We track when an item is replaced, ensuring that the original is returned.
  • Return Policy: We track all orders to ensure they are returned before the 30 deadline. We make sure that Amazon has refunded your 20% restocking fee (per Amazon's policy).
  • Missing Inventory: We find missing inventory (inventory that is debited but never returned after 45 days).
  • Overage Fees: We ensure that you are not overcharged for weight/dimensional or Amazon commission fees.
  • Damaged Inventory: Even Amazon makes mistakes. We track items lost/damaged by the Amazon warehouse to ensure your are properly compensated for lost stock.
We always grant Amazon sufficient time to reimburse before opening a claim with them.

Getting Started

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  • Create a Limited User Amazon Account.
  • Provide your MWS settings.
  • Install our secure software.
  • Start receiving credits in less than 48 hours!
  • View your case reports on our secure website!
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