Our Customers Are Saying

Kathy Simpson

"On the show Monday I introduced the audience to the Refunds Manager. I was excited because they got 4 negative feedbacks removed - ones that I had already tried and failed. Well, since Monday they've filed a ton of cases on lost inventory, thanks to that I have ALREADY been issued credits of $948.16! And it's still going. RefundsManager takes 25% of recovered funds as their fee but I'm happy to pay $250 for $1000 more in my account that I expected this pay period.Refunds Manager - I LOVE you!"


"We couldn't believe the amount of money RefundsManager was able to get for us.People don't realize how much money they are just leaving unclaimed."

Raymond U

“Thank you for a fabulous service, I have been putting off auditing my Refunds inventory since I started selling 20 months ago. I have received a few seller support reimbursements, but only a small portion were automatically paid. After subscribing to Refunds Manager, your service has recovered more than $1,900 in lost, missing, and unreturned inventory that we overlooked so far, with more sure to come. Just reviewing the cases takes hours, I don't know how I ever could have done it without Refunds Manager. You have saved me tons of time and money. The reports you provide are as good as gold! Thank you from a new loyal customer!”