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How Denise Craig—an Amazon seller since 2005—got back $4287 in FBA refunds in one year

“I’ve recommended Refunds Manager to two other Amazon sellers that I know and they have the same response that I had. They find that it’s well worth it. What we pay in commission for them to get that money back is very reasonable. It’s a lot less stress. I can save time for what I like to do in my business.” - Denise Craig

How BigFoot hustle got back $1200 in FBA refunds in just 10 minutes

How Refunds Manager got $2500 in Amazon FBA reimbursements for Yvonne Van Gaasbeck

“Even if I wanted to handle reimbursements myself, I wouldn’t know all of the places to look. Refunds Manager found me over $2500 in less than a year…This was money I wouldn’t have been able to find on my own.” – Yvonne Van Gaasbeck

How Lisa Calestino gets more money back from Amazon FBA

“I thought I had kept track of it all. I was pleasantly surprised when Refunds Manager found money for me. I used to work on tracking refunds 4 or 5 hours every couple of weeks, so I’ve saved at least 10 hours per month. But the main reason I love Refunds Manager isn’t the time savings, it’s the extra money!” – Lisa Calestino

How Refunds Manager helps Alan Cook get money back from common FBA issues

“Once I started looking in to what would be involved in finding other money Amazon owes me, I saw it would take up too much of my time that I would rather use finding new inventory sources, which would in turn cut into the time I could be spending traveling or just relaxing and enjoying life. That’s why I’m happy to have Refunds Manager to do it for me.” – Alan Cook

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