The Refunds Manager team protects sellers’ profits by getting them more reimbursements for common but hard-to-detect FBA issues.


We search for the following types of discrepancies, errors, and issues and then file Amazon reimbursement claims:
1) Reconciliation of all transactions per item, including amount received, orders, returns, reimburses, and removals against actual stock.
2) Items destroyed by Amazon without your request or permission.
3) Orders that were returned after 30 days for which Amazon didn’t give you the 20% restocking fee (due based on their policy).
4) Customers received a larger refund than what they paid originally and the seller is being charged for it.
5) Customer received refund but seller has not been credited back the amount and the refund is past 45 days.
6) Inbound items damaged by shipper or not received and older than 30 days.
7) Orders for which the weight fee or dimensional fee has been overcharged.
8) Orders for which the commission fee has been overcharged.
9) Items lost or damaged in Amazon’s warehouse that have not been reimbursed.
10) Replacement sent to customer and original never sent back after 45 days.
11) Amazon claims to have reimbursed a return but it has not been reimbursed.
12) Amazon claims to have placed an item back into your inventory but it has not been replaced.
13) Stock deducted after shipment was closed.
14) Wrong item returned and scanned to your inventory.
15) Chargeback not refunded.
16) Returns damaged by carrier or Amazon.
17) Inventory not received following removal order.
18) Amazon reimbursed but not for the full quantity that should of been reimbursed.
19) Amazon did not reimburse the total amount it should of reimbursed based on the original order.

Refunds Manager hunts for errors, makes claims, and secures Amazon FBA reimbursements for you. For the most part, you simply have to wait, and you can review your account at any time.

Once you sign up we will gather all your reports and audit them to find any issues. We use a combination of software and manual review to make sure nothing is missed. Your designated account auditor will file valid claims on your behalf. Once reimbursements have been issued, these will show up on the Case Management page.

Our team of account auditors handles the process every step of the way. We do not automate any interactions with Amazon, and instead manually review and submit claims. Furthermore, we always give Amazon enough time to reimburse according to their policies.

Based on Amazon’s latest policy, we can go back 18 months to search for Amazon FBA lost inventory and over a dozen other discrepancies.

You pay nothing upfront. We charge 25% of whatever reimbursements we recover. We only bill for a reimbursement once we've confirmed it's been deposited in your account, or the inventory has been replaced. . We only take a percentage of cases for which our team provided the return (so you are not billed for auto-reimbursements Amazon makes)

To enter your credit card information, login to your account. Go to the settings menus and click on the Credit Card Info link. Enter your valid card details and click Update.

If you open a case on your own or get reimbursed by Amazon for any other reason, we will not charge you a percentage of those reimbursements. We only take a fee for the reimbursements received as a result of our service.

We always want Amazon FBA reimbursements to follow their natural lifecycle, so we wait for Amazon to first credit the issue within the normal time span required to process credits.

We wait at least 45 days before filing any Amazon reimbursement claims and 30 days for lost shipment cases, so that you can receive the credit without the use of our service. Cases do not show up in our platform until they are past due.

The only case that we show right away is distributor damages, which Amazon never credits to sellers automatically. Sellers must ask for this credit themselves, and if we wait too long to do so on your behalf, the item might receive a removal order and so is no longer eligible for a credit.

We keep track of each case we open for each SKU and we also monitor all existing reimbursements so there are no duplicates. However, Amazon sometimes splits the reimbursements for one case into multiple reimbursements, which we will reflect on our end. You can validate the total amount per case in the case reports.

Yes! Refunds Manager offers feedback requests. You can enter a customized text to send to your clients after they receive the FBA shipment. Please find this feature under the Request Feedback tab after logging in.

  1. Login to Refunds Manager
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Amazon Login
  4. Re-enter your correct login details
  1. Login in to your Amazon Seller account
  2. From the Settings menu located in the upper left hand corner, click on the Settings link.
  3. Open up a new tab and navigate to http://developer.amazonservices.com (this will allow you to continue to follow these instructions):
  4. I). Login with the username and password for your Amazon MWS Seller Central
    II).On the MWS registration page, click the 1st option: “I want to access my own Amazon Seller account with MWS.”
    III).Click Next
    IV).Read the Amazon MWS License Agreement and check the box to agree with the Terms and Conditions.
    V). Copy your account identifiers into the corresponding fields.

    VI).Past settings may have expired, so copy in your latest Amazon MWS information.
Make sure you downloaded the latest version and installed the app correctly .You can get exact instructions and screen shots here http://refundsmanager.com/Installationinstructions.htm .Make sure that you put in the correct logins and credentials for all screens
It seems you installed the software correctly but the amazon login was not put in right .Please open the case app configuration and select the countries drop down from the left and re enter your amazon login and click save .Check this link how to change settings
It can take up to 48 hours from the date you sign up until we gather all your FBA transactions and start auditing .If it has already been over 2 days since you signed up and you still don't see any cases and the Account status shows everything else is fine ,please contact us so we can check your settings .
If you are using Amazon FBA for less then 5 months or have less then 100 orders per month we might not have any cases to open for you right now .