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It isn’t safe to assume that FBA reimbursements and fees are always processed correctly. With so many sellers and so much inventory, mistakes happen. Refunds Manager recovers funds that would otherwise be lost.Start seeing reimbursements in less then 24 hours.

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There are no monthly fees and no long-term commitments, meaning you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our professionals will find and locate your refunds, and when you get paid we earn a 25% commission.

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Amazon compliant & secure

We've been in business for over ten years. We're listed in Amazon's Appstore, and our security was reviewed & approved by Amazon through an independent audit. You're in safe hands.

How It Works

You sync your Amazon seller account with Refunds Manager

When you join, hook up your Amazon FBA system to our reimbursement platform. You pay no upfront or monthly fees. You’re only charged when we recover funds for you.

We search for customer return issues, misapplied fees and more

Refunds Manager covers as many errors as logistically possible. We track for returns, overages, damages, replacements, return policy errors, and missing and damaged inventory.

Your account auditor submits and tracks all claims

We use a winning combination of both software tracking and manual account review. When we spot an error, we double check for accuracy and draft a claim based on our years of experience.

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We Resolve The Highest Number of FBA Issues


We reconcile all transactions per item, including the amount received, order, returns, reimbursements and removals against actual stock.



We hunt for items destroyed by Amazon without your request or permission so we can get you FBA reimbursements you didn’t expect.



To make sure you never pay for customers’ mistakes, we find orders that were returned over 30 days for which Amazon didn’t give you the 20% restocking fee per policy.


Customer Refund

When your customers receive a larger refund than what they originally paid (and you get charged for that), we can recover this amount for you.


Missing Order

If a customer received a refund but you didn’t get the amount credited back in your account, we’ll file a claim if it’s been longer than 45 days.



When your inbound shipments are damaged by the shipper or not received after 30 days, we can reclaim the approximate cost of the inventory for you.


Weight and
Dimension Fees

If you’ve been overcharged for weight or dimensional fees, we can get an FBA refund for affected orders from the past 18 months.



You might not realize that you are being overcharged on the commission fee for a certain product. We can get back the money from this error.



If an item was lost or damaged in an Amazon warehouse, Amazon is supposed to refund you. If they don’t, we’ll handle the reimbursement claim for you.



Amazon might send a replacement to the customer before the customer returns the item. If the original isn’t received within 45 days, we’ll make sure you aren’t charged for it.



When Amazon shows that they have reimbursed a claim amount, but actually haven’t done so yet, you might not notice. We will spot this error for you and secure the FBA reimbursement.



Has Amazon claimed to place an item back into your inventory? You might not know how to check if it has been handled. We‘ll discover any discrepancies and get the refund.


Shipment Stock

Sometimes, stock gets deducted after the shipment is closed. You might lost out on the cost of the inventory. We can recover this for you.


Inventory Errors

The wrong item could be returned and scanned into your inventory, causing a loss of your actual item. We’ll get the cost of it back.



When a chargeback is not refunded, you can be wrongfully charged the fees associated with the transaction.



If a return is damaged by a carrier or Amazon, you’re owed the product amount. We’ll claim and secure the reimbursement.


Missing Removal

Removal orders are sometimes necessary towards lowering your monthly fees. If you don’t receive the inventory, we can reclaim a sizable portion of its cost.



When Amazon reimburses your claim, they don’t always give you the full amount. We keep track of the exact amount to ensure you receive it.


Inaccurate Order

If Amazon doesn’t reimburse the total appropriate amount of the original order, we’ll discover this and follow up until you get the correct reimbursement.

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Recover Funds Dating Back 18 Months
After you sign up and sync your account, our software goes to work. You can view any case inside Refunds Manager, and we’ll notify you as soon as reimbursements come through.

Get started today and receive unexpected credits and FBA reimbursements in your Amazon Seller account.
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In line with Amazon’s Terms of Service

We always grant Amazon sufficient time to reimburse before opening a claim with them.

We follow the right protocol for each individual case type.

We NEVER automate correspondence with Amazon—every interaction is handled by your account auditor.

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The Top Amazon FBA Refunds Service

For best results, the Amazon FBA reimbursement company you choose should use software to find more errors in your account than the human eye.

However, you should not use a software that files claims automatically. Choose a company that employs account auditors who check software reports, verify discrepancies, submit claims manually, and follow up with Amazon’s support for you.

What Sets Refunds Manager Apart

Highest rated FBA refunds service

Original service in business since 2012

Over 10,000 US sellers use Refunds Manager

Expert US-based account auditors who file manual claims to communicate on your behalf and follow up on each claim

Approved and listed on the Amazon app network

best service
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